S. Kussewitzky

How the Kussewitzky competition develops

The Kussewitzky competition is the emanation and natural development of the international piano competition Scriabin which takes place annually in Grosseto, in the heart of Maremma. The competition develops in three rounds, the pre-selection which will be held online, the Semifinal round and the final round which will take place at the Teatro degli Industri with the participation of the “Città di Grosseto” orchestra on 13 and 14 October 2023. Cash prizes and prize concerts will be given to the winners.

Grosseto, the capital of the Maremma

Grosseto, the capital of the Maremma, extends into the plain crossed by the Ombrone river a few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian coast. Its historic center is enclosed by a totally intact and splendidly preserved medieval wall. Inside the walls is Piazza Dante on which stands the facade of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the most important monument of the city, built in the twelfth century.

The theater of the competition

The first news of the Teatro degli Industri dates back to the early nineteenth century, when, after the establishment of the Accademia degli Industri, two citizens of Grosseto, Giacomo Stefanopoli and Giovanni Tognetti, bought a fund which, renovated, was inaugurated as a theater with the title of Regio , January 3, 1819. From the earliest years, mainly prose works were represented, but also operas, ballets and shows of various kinds; while the ballroom hosted several times the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Marie Antoinette and the Grand Duke Leopold II himself. After a rebuilding work in 1892 it was reopened and in that year Pietro Mascagni attended a performance of his Cavalleria Rusticana in the renovated Teatro degli Industri. In the last years of the twentieth century, the Teatro degli Industri underwent a careful renovation that led it to be a beautiful example of an Italian-style theater with three hundred and eighty-two very comfortable seats.

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